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The Staff Council – Tasks and activities

The tasks of the Staff Council are to represent the interests of all employees within the scope of the possibilities of the Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz (LPVG - state staff representation act) and to ensure that laws and regulations are observed and implemented for the benefit of the employees.

The activities of the Staff Council at the University of Freiburg include the following aspects (among others):

  • Personalrat Türschild

    Contact point and representation of interests for employees

  • Advising and informing employees

  • Concluding operating agreements with the University (§ 85 LPVG)
  • Participation and collaboration in working groups and committees as well as regular meetings with responsible persons of the University
  • Monitoring compliance with laws and regulations (§ 70 LPVG)
  • Exercising participation rights with regard to co-determination 
    - unrestricted (§ 74 LPVG) - restricted (§ 75 LPVG), participation (§ 80 LPVG) and hearing (§ 86 LPVG)
  • Filing applications and making suggestions for improvement at the University for the benefit of the employees, within the scope of the right of initiative (§ 84 LPVG)
  • Conducting staff council meetings (§§ 30, 32 LPVG) as well as staff meetings (§§ 49-53 LPVG)
  • General principles and tasks (§§ 69-70 LPVG)